We Break down Taylor Swift’s New ‘Style’ Video

We are evidently all and everything about style, but when you put ‘Taylor Swift‘ and ‘Style’ together, it explodes bigger and louder than a cracker! The video, directed by Kyle Newman, came out Friday the 13th (Is that creepy or what?) and it has already gone viral to another level. And even though it has nothing to do with style per se, we can’t help but voice our opinions on it.


The videography and the whole moody essence of it reminded us a lot of Lana Del Ray’s videos, but not in a way that sends you to that deep dark place inside you and gives you chronic depression, but in a trippy way that sends chills up and down your spine and makes you want to go back for more. Swift looks ethereal, her bed-head and those baby blues perfectly juxtaposed with that berry-kissed pout. The scenic projections on Swift’s silhouette and on shards of a mirror that represented her on-again off-again relationship, combined with her in-your-face sensuality is what practically gets everyone to go back for a second watch. We couldn’t help but notice the paper airplane necklace distinctly featured in the video, which is evidence enough that the song, if not dedicated, memorizes Taylor’s relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles. And no matter how satiated we may be listening to Swift whine about boy troubles and lost love time and again, for us, she’ll never go out of ‘style’!




Check out the video here!