We Chatted With Sangita Sinh Kathiwada of Melange…

The proprietor of Melange, Sangita Sinh Kathiwada, is also a member of the Kathiwada Royal Family. Sonam Kapoor might have played the role of a fashionable princess in Khoobsurat, but Ms. Kathiwada is the original style-savvy princess! And she had a lot to say about the present fashion scenario. Read on to find out a princess’s take on craft and fashion.

SC – Could you tell us a little bit on the evolution of Melange since its conception?

Melange is a multi designer store, one of the world’s fashion destinations, an authority on everything stylish and chic, offering women ready -to- wear and accessories for every Occasion. Cutting edge cultural experiences which combine clothing, dining and art are created to make people think fashion, not just consume it. 

SC – How important do you think are traditional crafts to the country’s sartorial structure?

In a country like India, where each region has its indigenous arts, crafts and dressing, to maintain traditional crafts are extremely important. There are several occasions that require ensembles made from traditional crafts to be worn. Could you ever imagine a traditional Tamil wedding without a Kanchipuram saree! Our traditional outfits are such that they demand our unique craftsmanship to be used.

SC – Do you think our designers focus enough on craft based textiles? What all can be done within the industry so that our crafts don’t die?

A few years ago, my answer would have been a no, but that is not the case now. We have seen a big change in the type of textiles and crafts used by designers since the past four years. Indian designers are going back to their roots and learning traditional crafts and re-inventing them to create something unique. We have immensely talented designers such as Eka and Anvila Misra amongst others, who have showcased absolutely brilliant textiles and crafts in their recent lines. India has hundreds of beautiful crafts that need to be preserved. It is a tedious effort but it is required to be done. With the Ministry of Textile’s Indian Handloom and Textiles Day at the Lakme Fashion Week, we are beginning to see a strong coalition between the ministry and the fashion industry. Also, it is extremely important to keep in mind the welfare of these skilled artisans who produce these crafts.

SC – What, according to you, are the closet staples that a girl should have for all seasons?

1. A beautiful hand-woven scarf-Hand-wovens are the next big thing and a scarf is perfect is to dress up or dress down any outfit.

2. That one solid coloured dress- Well, it doesn’t have to be black. A solid coloured dress can be worn as is in the summer, teamed up with stockings and a coat in the winters and be dressed up with accessories.

3. A well fitted pair of pants- It could be denims, linen, palazzos but the key point being, well-fitted. Every girl should have that one pair which she can fall back on when there is no time to cook up a look.

4. .A Statement necklace-dresses up any outfit.

SC – What is the one outfit in your own closet that works as a “safe” or fallback option?

An off shoulder ombré dyed silk dress. It is easy to fold and carry on travels as well as
a great fall back option because an off shoulder dress is always feminine and attractive.

Meanwhile, the All Access Pop Up Shop at Melange is turning out to be a great success. Drop by before 7pm today and browse through the coolest selection of accessories in town! The venue is Melange, 33 Altamount Road, Navi Mumbai – 400026.

Here’s a glimpse of what ‘s going on at the All Access Pop Up.