We Found The Secret To Healthy Hair!

Girls, taking care of yourself has become a must on your to-do list nowadays. You pay close attention to everything. You’re meticulous about keeping your skin healthy but when it comes to the hair, sometimes, the daily care seems to be minimal – correct? As it turns out, your hair needs pretty much the same amount of attention. Yes, washing and conditioning is important. But if you want those luscious celebrity-like locks we all envy – there’s just a little more to that.

Luckily, Schwarzkopf is here to make it super duper easy. Their BC Peptide Repair & Rescue range keeps it looking thick, healthy and shiny here’s how (press play) –

The peptides in each product reverse things like environmental and heat damage and bring hair back to their natural strength and resilience. Our favourite is the Spray Leave-In Conditioner. It easily detangles hair and leaves it looking soft and shiny.

Another pro-tip from their experts: The Nutri-Shield Serum refills inner hair structure, resurfaces irregularities and protects hair from styling heat of up to 220 C, as well as UV rays. It’s the best thing to use on your hair before any kind of heat styling.

The range offers professional haircare at home. It’s easier than your skincare routine and will leave you with that hair you’ve been wanting all along.

All their products can be purchased here. Make sure you follow them on social media to stay updated with their new launches.