Welcome to the Swap Shop!

We’re having our ultimate fashion trade-off and you’re invited! Recycling fashion just couldn’t get any cooler.

What: We are excited to introduce a never-before-seen concept, the ‘SWAP SHOP’, exclusively at The StyleCracker Borough! Carry along items from your wardrobe that you have never used or aren’t likely to use again and swap them for anything you fancy at the swap!

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Who: From designers and brands to fashion influencers and stylista’s alike, you get a chance to pick items that have been a part of iconic collections and some of the most coveted wardrobes.

How: We’re giving recycling a stylish spin – walk in with four fashion items (clothes, accessories, jewellery et all) that you’d like to generously give away and step out with four fresh picks from another stylista’s closet.

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There are rules you should follow:

1. First rule of the Swap? DO talk about it! Tweet and Instagram with #SwapShop.

2. Sharing is caring, so make sure all items you bring are in good condition – no stains or visible wear and tear, any noticeable discolouration will not be accepted.

3. Items brought in will be inspected for reuse. Should the items not meet our quality parameters, they will go into our contribution basket.

4. Once checked and ready – step into the Swap Shop and switch away!

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We are also accepting generous contributions towards our NGO partner, Aarti Charitable Trust.

P.S. Don’t be late, only the first 100 get to SWAP!


18th April, from 8pm to 10pm


The StyleCracker Borough

9th Floor, Terrace Gardens

Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

With so much to offer and so much to experience, do you really want to miss out on the StyleCracker Borough?