What is #FashionInFifteen??

We’re sure you’re wondering what #FashioninFifteen is, and this will tell you exactly how it works. #FashioninFifteen gives you 15 super-quick beauty and fashion tricks every woman should know to dapper your look in just about 15 seconds. Take a look at these life-savers of pro tips and make your look go from “meh” to chic in under 15 ticks of the seconds hand!

A swipe of Mascara can really light up the eyes, changing your whole look.

Red Lipstick can instantly glamorize any look, upping your chic factor in seconds.

Go for a dewy look, using a slightly sheer foundation and liquid illuminator.

Do not highlight the inner ‘V’ corner of your eyes. This works best when you’re going for the “cat eye” look.

Shape your face with blush brush to give an angular look.

Wear high gloss lip color to change your look from casual to evening glam.

Use a boar bristle brush for your hair. Back comb slightly at the crown to increase volume.

Add a touch of bronze finish in the form of blush.

To spruce up a boring old tee or button-down shirt, knot it from below, showing off some midriff.


French braid one side of your head to give yourself a faux side-shave look.


Turn up the hem of your jeans, folding them twice to give a cropped look.

Turn your regular ponytail from boring to chic by wrapping a piece of your hair (braided or unbraided) around the hair tie and pinning it in place.

Do quick mini braids down the side for a pretty boho look.

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A shimmer eyeliner goes a long way in spicing up your party look.

A cat eye or kitten eye made using color eye pencil will be a fresh change from your regular party look.

Now that you know all these secrets to instantly spice up your look and be drop dead gorgeous every single time you step out, participate in our #FashioninFifteen contest coming up at 3:30pm today and win exciting prizes!

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SC Flash Card Terms & Conditions:

  1. Users can participate on facebook, twitter or instagram.
  2. All entries must contain the hashtag #FashionInFifteen and #SCFlashCard. Given the character restriction on twitter, the second hashtag is not mandatory but must be used when possible.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed. We encourage this.
  4. Five winners will be picked at the sole discretion of StyleCracker.
  5. To receive the cards, the winners must sign up to www.stylecracker.com
  6. The winners will receive a free #SCFlashCard. This card is valid at a select list of designers and only in their offline store.
  7. If a winner is unable to visit these stores, we will not provide an alternate prize. In this situation, the winner can choose to keep the card or ask us to pick another winner. We encourage the latter as StyleCracker is all about being a community and mutual benefit for each other.
  8. The contest terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of StyleCracker. In the event of any change, the same will be announced on StyleCracker’s social media handles.