What Really Happens in Fashion Schools!


The truth of what really happens in a fashion college, finally revealed by StyleCracker!

All of us who’ve been to a fashion college can relate to our list of typical fashion school happenings! While short attendance, proxy submissions and teacher crushes are usual in all colleges, some things happen only in fashion design schools. Read on to find out if your fashion school experience was similar to our’s.

Highly publicized break-ups. The entire student body and staff knew who broke up with whom and over what.


Cliques. (You have your plastics, meanies, wannabes, teachers’ pets, weirdos etc.)


Ever-on-going “Selfitis” epidemic. Everyone’s pouting for selfies left, right and centre.


Evaporating tools. Scales, scissors, pins, pencils – all constantly vanishing into thin air (all those who’ve lost more than 10 measuring tapes, raise your hand).




Major creative blocks. (An average of 3 doodles an hour!)


Dress form loving. (We’ve all cuddled with our dummies, haven’t we?)


Eternal shortage of cork tables.

Long waiting lines on the iron tables.

Perpetually breaking needles.

Endless demand of muslin.

All-nighters before submissions.

Last minute spec sheets and cost sheets. Usually we filled in the same details as our friends!

Tracing and re-tracing patterns.


Messed up test fits. (How does it fit D10 when the measurements were for D12?!)


Photo shoots! Nobody can whip up quicker photo shoots than fashion students.


Huge research books and way too many boards. Mood boards, inspiration boards, fabric boards, color story boards, style and silhouette boards… and the list goes on.

Tiny process documents (made the previous night and printed on the submission morning).

Funniest presentations (sometimes while nursing hangovers).

Forgotten Subjects (admit it, we have no recollection whatsoever of the entire marketing module).

“You copied my design!!” or “You stole my MY idea!” were the most frequently heard sentences during every project.

Impromptu fashion shows. Only fashion school students can put on a kickass show at really short notices!



However weird things got inside the college walls, we sure do miss that place! Leave a comment below to tell us about your fashion school experience.