What to wear for a summer internship

Now, lassies, this totally depends on what kind of field you are getting into. If you are getting into the creative field like fashion, art and media – wherein, your style quotient is a form of your creative expression – then your dress code would generally be more relaxed than you getting into a corporate environment; where your dressing sense actually represents your boss and the company and would be expected to be more professional. Either ways, you are expected to have a neat and crisp guise – and not a sloppy attitude. Here is what you can wear to work.

The Posh Shorts

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Its’ SUMMER time and no one says that you can’t wear shorts to ward off the heat, just make sure that they are not denims – cut offs, distressed or frayed. Wear tailored shorts and make sure that your butt-cheeks are covered; after all you are still going to work and not to a beach.

Opt For Opacity


Yes, its’ hot and you want to wear those sheer tops, but it would be better to refrain yourself from wearing them; or if you do then wear a camisole or tank top underneath – you can try different vibrant tank tops to add jazz to your ensemble. But steer clear from revealing your cleavage or nettle-cleft – trust us no one is interested in them. Instead, wear vibrant colours to add ardor.

Do Chic Without Revealing

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Your lingerie is only yours to see. No one wants to catch a glimpse of those jazzy and offbeat bras – not even a hint of them. You are not at a bar, but a workplace. It gives out very unprofessional vibes and is not at all modish.

A Low-Key Affair


Accessorising is good. But, try hard not to go overboard. Remember, what the goddess of fashion, Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” So, pretty little damsel, if working for corporates, a pendant and cute stud-earrings would suffice. At a creative workspace though, you can go ahead and add on your chunky neckpiece – but don’t wear anything that will cause trouble while you work.

Accurate Footgear


Choose the pair of shoes sensibly. Do not go for those bling-y and strap-py heels as you are not heading to a club. Also, you don’t know how much running around you would be doing as an intern. Opt for smart oxfords or chic pumps to add style to your guise.