What’s the best juice detox for you?

If you’ve overdone the laddoos and fried farsans this Diwali, here’s a sure shot way to ensure your body clock is back to normal. Here’s a city-wise guide of juice detoxes for you.

Raw Pressery

raw pressery
City: Mumbai
Detox plan: Coldpressed, free of preservatives, chemicals, flavours, added sugar and even water, Raw Pressery’s juices- Lean, Trim, Glow, Build, Run, Shield, Love and Flush are custom designed to infuse your system with liquid nutrition and help reboot it. They also provide one day and three day cleanses where a juice is consumed every two and a half hours for a period of one to three days.
SC recommends: The ‘Trim’ juice as well as the one-day ‘Raw Cleanse’ packages which are sure to put a glow on your face and recharge your energy.
Value for money: One day cleanse, Rs 1,500; two day cleanse, Rs 3,000 and three day cleanse, Rs 4,500
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City: New Delhi
Detox plan: A supplementation to your general diet and lifestyle and completely organic, antidote provides juice programs which are fortified with natural superfood extracts to give you radiant hair and skin, healthy BMI and a strong immune system. They have different grades of cleanses- general cleanses, bespoke cleanses (Exhale, Skinny Down, Horse Power, Light up and Nine Lives) which is four bottles a day consumed 60-90 mins before your meal as well as an all day liquid diet.
SC recommends: Skinny Down and Light up from the Bespoke cleanses. Looking for something hardcore? Then why not opt for an all-day liquid diet.
Value for money: Starts from Rs 900
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City: Mumbai

Detox plan: JusDivine promises fresh cold pressed healthy concotions of fruits and vegetables suitable for sipping throughout the day. They are also tastier than their counterparts which is a welcome news indeed. They also offer one, three and six day cleanses comprising of six bottles a day to be sipped on every two hours.

SC recommends: Pineapple pear ginger spinach juice for a health boost; Almond, chocolate coconut as a healthy alternative to dessert.

Value for money: Rs 1,475 for a pack of six.

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Just Pressed

Just pressed

City: Kolkata, New Delhi

Detox plan: Comprising of juice mixes- Bounce, Soak, Jolt, Active, Pump and Charge, Just Pressed is sure to make you hop, skip and jump throughout the day. They also provide one and three day cleanses comprising of six and 18 bottles respectively. In addition to the cold pressed juices, they also have gluten free trail mix, and gluten free museli- you can’t go any healthier than this!

SC recommends: With an interesting composition of holy basil, ginger and raw turmeric, the Soak juice mix is perfect to keep stress at bay.

Value for money: Rs 1,600 for one day cleanse and Rs 4,700 for a three day cleanse

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City: Mumbai

Detox plan: They make one fruit and vegetable flavour everyday to offer fresh and healthy juices with pulp and fibre (Cold pressed ofcourse!). They also offer one and three day cleanses comprising of eight bottles per day sure to leave you completely detoxed and energised.

SC recommends: Their one day cleanse (four bottles of fruit juices and four bottles of vegetable juices)

Value for money:One day cleanse at Rs 1,200 and three day cleanses at Rs 3,600

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Relish Nutrition


City: Chennai

Detox Plan: They offer a wide range of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and almond milk using ingredients that are sourced freshly from the farms of Tamil Nadu. Their menu comprising of seven custom packages are designed for immunity building, strength building, skin purifying, detox, nourishment etc. While some packages come in packs of six juices, others are available in packs of 12, 20 and 24.

SC recommends: Strength buliding vegetable juices for an exponential nutrition intake and skin purifying almond milk to nourish the skin.

Value for money: Starts from Rs 750 for six juices a day.

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Fresh Pressery

fresh pressery

City: All over India

Detox Plan: Fresh Pressery offers a line of six cold-pressed juices- Almond Milk, Green Flush, Purple Saver, Red Purifier, Super Green and Yellow Hydration which comprise of about one kg of vegetable, good enough to take care of your nutritional requirements. They also have one, three, five and seven day cleanses comprising of six bottles each. They are starting with the healthy meal plans soon.

SC recommends: Green Flush for detox and yellow hydration to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Value for money: Rs 1,500 for one day cleanse

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