SC Inspiration: Roman Goddesses Style

We picked five Roman goddesses and created looks inspired by their style – read on to see how our talented stylist Pareesha and photographer Akshaya made these looks come together.

Juno (Queen of Gods): An embodiment of femininity, love and marriage – emulating this look is our stylist Rebecca, wearing a flowy one-shoulder dress and minimal accessories.

blog 5

Flora (Goddess of Spring): Flora personifies spring and all things botanical. This dreamy, boho-goddess look was reinterpreted by our stylist Nikita.


Diana (Goddess of Hunting): The wilderness, the chase and the hunt – Namrata, our Fashion coordinator, got her animal instinct on with her tribal look.

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Venus (Goddess of Love): Venus encompasses love and beauty, she is the Roman counterpart of the Greek Aphrodite. SC’s graphic designer, Adel is seen romancing the Venus-inspired look with an easy charm.

blog 1 adel

Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom): Minerva embodies the knowledge of the crafts and wit. Mirroring this image, is our stylist Kavisa in her powerful ensemble.

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Loved these looks? Don’t worry, you can shop all of them at our SC Borough on the 15th of March, at Pune.