Who wears the pants in your relationship?

Ah, relationships! Hate ’em or like ’em, they are formed on a balanced art of compromises. Take our questionnaire to find out who’s calling the shots between you two – we promise, there is a valuable moral at the end of the quiz!

1. Who decides how you’re going to spend the evening?

A. I do, I need to check out that new collection at Zara and go back home to catch up on Game of Thrones.

B. He takes you to a sports bar where they’re screening the FC Barcelona match live and he tells you all about Neymar Jr. even though you’re yawning away.

C. We check out the collection at Zara together, he checks out the menswear section while you try on a couple of clothes, after which you two head to the sports bar for that match he wants to see.

2. Who decides what to order?

A. I need to watch my weight so I order a side of Caesar salad and whole grain grilled chicken sandwich.

B. He can’t live without his butter chicken and chilled pint of beer; you end up consuming 1000kcal meal as well.

C. You order a side of Caesar’s and both share a large cheese pizza.


3. Who tries to impress who the most?

A. I’m very chatty! He needs to know how my day went and how my colleagues at work try to copy my style of dressing.

B. He tells me how much revenue he generated for his company this month and how Neymar Jr. is a millionaire and has adopted a kid at 19 (he adores him to bits).

C. He asks me about my day, listens keenly and goes onto give me an update about how much he’s appreciated at his job and I try to understand what he does even though I’m not in the same field as him.

4. Who pays the bill?

A. I do! Its 2015, I’m not a sad, pathetic girl who likes to be treated like a princess, I’m independent and he needs to know that.

B. He pulls the bill away before you can even see the outstanding amount.

C. He paid for the movie tickets on Wednesday, today it’s my turn. We like to alternate payments and he doesn’t feel emasculated when I pay on occasion.


5. When out with each other’s friends, who talks the most?

A. I do, I like to get to know the company he keeps, I ask his friends how they are and make them spill embarrassing moments they’ve had with my boyfriend.

B. He likes to talk a lot, he’s constantly recommending my friends to take that trip to Dubai, because he spent some time working there and how alcohol is really expensive in India.

C. We usually end up sharing a funny moment we had together and playfully pull each other’s leg.

6. Who gets pampered the most?

A. He calls me whenever he gets the chance – he needs to know where I am at all times and with who. He just got me a slice of New York cheesecake because knows how much I love it.

B. I call him in chunks of three – in the morning to wake him up and give him a kiss over the phone, in the afternoon to ask whether he ate food and in the evening to ask him about his day and make plans.

C. I like to call him and make sure he’s eaten on time and he prefers that I keep him updated with my whereabouts and call to tell him that I reached home safely.


7. Who wins the arguments?

A. Me! I always have the final word.

B. He does, he needs to be right on all occasions and sometimes I just let him win to avoid fighting any further.

C. What arguments? We try our best to turn the flame down before any of us loose our minds, either one of us is always taking the initiative to calm the other. We try our best not to be that couple.


Curious to know the outcome?

If you’ve gotten –

Mostly A’s: Well darling, you love wearing the pants, shoes and tie in the relationship don’t you? Give the guy a little power. Don’t make him feel like he has his nether regions tied up in a bunch. He’s a man, let him have the steering wheel sometimes, trust us, it won’t be bad.

Mostly B’s:  He’s overpowering you. Try to have a say in the relationship. Show him that it’s about You + I. Take our word for it, some guys love it when the girl dominates (a pun may or may not have been intended here).

Mostly C’s: Can we fit the two of you in a bottle and sell you as a ‘Perfect couple’ essence?! We promise we can make millions off you. A perfect couple may not exist, but the fact that the two of you strike a balance in power, is inspirational. You’ll are the Bonnie and Clyde and Beyoncé and Jay Z of relationships! #relationshipgoals


So, how did you do on the quiz?