Why we love Olivia Palermo

The American socialite has been our go-to diva for stealing style for a long time now. She can carry off her high-street as remarkably as she would the designer brands. We are utterly besotted with the self-proclaimed “Zara fan” who is no stranger to high-street brands like, ASOS, Topshop and Mango – one of the reasons why we love her even more.  She rose to fame after being cast for the reality show series, The City.



We love how she looks alluring and effortless at the same time. She believes it is better to be comfortable in what you wear, as that bring out the confidence and loves her style to be “polished and feminine, but there has to be a touch of masculinity to my outfit.” As told to Cosmopolitan.



Take a peek at how the dimpled fahionista plays up her regular denims. She goes on to pair her denim shirt with a vibrant, floral pencil skirt and ties a knot at the waist for a nonchalant appearance. It works the same way with her slightly-ripped jeans, folded at the ankles and teamed up with a blazer to give off a poised vibe.


opc3This charming lady believes in accessorising with statement jewellery, and also believes that fashion lies in the details. She has made the marsala polo-neck dress stand out with that chunky neck piece. The brunette does not go over the top though, she knows the art of balancing, she generally keeps her make-up slick and simple with her luscious shoulder-length tresses cascading effortlessly down her shoulders or pulled back in a top-knot or a low slung chignon.



The peppy diva loves colour and loves to incorporate them in her daily style. She wears vibrant floral prints paired with basic whites or a ethereal maxi accessorised with snazzy scarves and cinched at the waist and always has a way to work her street style.

To get more style inspiration, follow her on www.oliviapalermo.com