Why You Need To Register Your Brand For The #SCScholarship Program Today

Let’s be honest, there are more than a thousand brands out there making something new and cool every single day. Making your way through that crowd and coming out the victor can be an extremely daunting task. And to add to that, it takes a lot of time and patience. What if there was a way to fast track you to the top? Give your garments or accessories that recognition they deserve, without spending years in the trenches?

Welcome to the #SCScholarship program!

What’s the #SCScholarship program?

We at StyleCracker select one brand among many undiscovered, new, fresh designers/ brands who want a platform to showcase their collection and give that brand an opportunity, platform and the audience to do so.

The winner of the scholarship gets a spot at our StyleCracker Borough this April; we’ll promote you on our social media pages and give you an audience with/access to the top fashion influencers in town.

Exactly what you’re looking for? Yep, we thought so!

So what do you have to do to apply?

All you’ve to do is register your brand with us. Email us on [email protected] with your brand story and look book. Once we are through with the screening process, the winner will be announced on social media and notified.

Easy peasy, right? The sooner you send out your email, the better! Let the best brand win…

*Terms & Conditions apply