We’re going away this weekend for some wine stomping! With SulaFest looming large, it got us thinking about what our wine style is. So we invited the wine experts, Indian Wine List, on board to help us create a quirky chart that helps you know your wines and style better. Santé!


Style: Timeless

Is Audrey Hepburn with her classic LBDs and pearls your ultimate style icon? Or does your wardrobe consist of a sea of single hue tees and deep indigo denims? Then this one is for you. Of course timeless does not translate to boring, but simply denotes a preference for refinement.

Wine: Sparkling

Try: Sula Brut.

Have it on its own, or pair it with food. Fizz together with smoothness, this Sparkling is a versatile wine.

Buy: Rs 950*


Style: Girly

Encrusted hairbands, twinsets, pleated skirts and all things pink are what your dream wardrobe would look like. Or lets simply just say that you lust after everything that Blair Waldof wears.

Wine: Rosé

Try: Sula Zinfandel Rosé‎.

Fun, fruity and fresh; don’t miss the whiff of strawberries.

Buy: Rs 530* 


Style: Glam

Boho and distressed are words that don’t feature in your style lexicon. There is only one mode when it comes to dressing up and its runway glamorous. Think Angelina Jolie—red lips, polished nails, hair styled and varoom ensembles!

Wine: Shiraz

Try: Sula Rasa.

This is a rich, luscious and full-bodied wine—a perfect embodiment of everything glamorous.

Buy: Rs 1175*


Style: Edgy

Spunky may as well be your middle name and experimenting is the ultimate high—be it your clothes, hairstyle or even hair colour. Leather, black and experimental labels are what get your heart to skip a beat and of course RiRi!

Wine: Riesling

Try: Sula Riesling.

This white wine has a fruity nose and palate with perfect acidity. Edgy indeed!

Buy: Rs 750*


Style: Sporty

Stella McCartney for Adidas was the best thing to happen to fashion according to you and you pretty much own most of the collection. Rolled up jeans with cool sneakers, sweatshirts and tights are all a part of your uniform as you channel Avril Lavigne! You can break into a run at a moments notice and yet know when to kick back with your girls.

Wine: Merlot/Malbec

Try: Satori Merlot Malbec.

Pay attention to the cherries and red fruits that come through on the nose and palate.

Buy: Rs 520*

IWL Tip:

The Sparkling, Riesling and Rasa are our personal favorites from Sula’s portfolio. And with these three you have covered all categories of food: Fish, meats, cheese, salads and even desserts. Not to mention your personal style statement as well. Do remember to have these wines chilled (yes, both red and white!), you won’t enjoy them otherwise in the daytime heat.

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We hope you enjoy the SulaFest in style.

* – Prices mentioned are retail prices in Mumbai only.

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