Women Who Make The Silver Screen Shine!

For our weekly dose of style inspiration, we often look to our favorite female TV characters. Sure, no one has, yet, inspired us as much as Carrie, Blair and Serena (they’ve gone down as fashion queens in the history of television) but there is a new crop of fashionistas ruling the idiot boxes right now. SC rounded up 10 such women who make our TV screens shine with their awesome style!

Daenerys Targaryen (from Game Of Thrones) wore some seriously cool outfits throughout the 4th season, trying on some daring new cuts. The Dragon Mum’s style has evolved over the course of the series into a more sophisticated taste.


Margaery Tyrell (Game Of Thrones) ruffled some feathers (Cersei’s) when she arrived in King’s Landing looking like a “harlot”, albeit a classy one! We loved her fresh style, daring gowns and plunging necklines. Hoping she makes it through the next season and stays around long enough to give us some more style inspiration.

Cersei on the left, Margaery on the right.
Cersei on the left, Margaery on the right.

Megan Draper has been making quite a fashionable splash on Mad Men. The aspiring actress and Don’s second wife loves bright colors (pink, most of all!) and has quite the sophisticated taste when it comes to 70s fashion.

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Jessica Day (New Girl) is the quintessential girly girl who loves vintage things and is quirky to boot! Jess has a wardrobe full of retro dresses, full skirts, preppy blazers and knee socks that we would like to raid.


Mindy Lahiri, the sassy star of The Mindy Project is a smart, funny doctor who loves her high heels as much as she does her stethoscope! Mindy’s closet primarily consists of cute printed dresses and a lot of bright cardigans. Girly with a twist!


Jessa (Girls) is a free spirited (a little flighty) soul who knows how to dress damn well nice! Her look can be classified as romantic bohemian with a dash of edgy mixed in.


Hanna Marin (Pretty Little Liars) has given up on the whole “girly glam” thing she had going on for four seasons and adopted a great new look in season 5! She now has badass black highlights and a punk-style wardrobe. We love!


Olivia Pope’s (from Scandal) work clothes and coats are to die for and have caused us to drool with want. She epitomizes the ultimate power woman and has glamorous dressing down pat.


Aria Montgomery, another Pretty Little Liar, has always impressed with her fashion choices. She has an edgy style with an undying love for mixing prints.


Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary Crawley has impeccable style and the awesome “Roaring 20’s” flapper dresses make us wish we were born decades before. Plastic water bottles aside, the entire cast of Downton Abbey dresses up pretty dapper season after season.


Tell us in the comments below, which TV character’s style do you love the most?