Work the Molten Gold Magic

Often, we tend to look for treasure outside,being ignorant of the fact that all this while, it rests hidden right in our kitchens. Honey being a great humectant – pulls in the moisture – works wonders for the skin and hair, both.


This molten gold fights against acne. The best way is to use it topically, as a spot treatment. After rinsing the face, dab it on the acne and leave it to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. In such short amount of time, you will discover that it reduces the breakouts and redness.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities. You suffer from skin conditions like Eczema and Rosacea? Then this liquid gold should be your go to product. Smear a thin layer of honey on clean and dry face and let it work its magic for thirty minutes. Rinse it off the face, to find less irritable and glowing skin.


An awesome exfoliator. It is a wonder product with antioxidants that help nourish the skin and mixed with brown sugar or baking soda, it forms a gentle exfoliator that helps remove the dead cells from the body, while nourishing the skin and retaining its complexion.

The magic potion that fights off dark circles. When applied topically on the dark circles and left for twenty minutes. It would work its magic and make the dark circles visibly lighter. For better results, use it regularly.


Works wonders as a hair conditioner. Get a hair spa, at home with mixing this phenomenal product with coconut oil let the mixture sit for twenty minutes, on damp hair and wrap a warm towel around the head to intensify the effect. After rinsing your hair would regain its polish and would feel more buoyant.

It doubles up as a natural hair lightener. Get those sun-kissed highlights without shelling out a bomb and without harming your hair with chemicals. Mix three tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of water. Apply it to damp hair and let it work its magic for an hour. You will notice natural highlights appearing and for better results, use the mixture weekly.