What in the world is leg contouring?

First came the Kardashian face contouring technique, then henna and clown, then people went on to contouring their chests and abs and necks, and only when we thought there was not a body part left to add bronzer to, leg contouring is trending in the Instagram makeup world. Yes, now you can highlight and contour your legs to make them look like Gigi Hadid’s; chiseled, sculpted and toned to perfection. But to be honest, this needs to stop somewhere. Because lets be real contour kits are expensive you guys! Like getting waxed wasn’t enough struggle for us girls, now we need to wax, moisturize and contour?

But nevertheless, it sounds fun and we reckon you give it try; because slim legs without hitting the gym sounds like a great idea to us.

Things you will need

A moisturizing base, contour and highlighting palette, beauty blenders and brushes, a person physically present there to help you blend it all out and a heavy duty setting spray.

How to go about it

Step 1- Gather a lot of courage and keep a masseuse ready.

Step 2- Strategically place the highlight and contour lines for maximum calf definition.

Step 3- Throw on your favourite little black dress or whatever you’re feeling like.

Step 4- Hit the town in style looking fly.

Here’s a leg contouring video, because at SC we believe in making lives easy!

Leg contour???? by @makeupmeri

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IMAGE COURTESY: Instagram.com, Ten.co.uk