World’s weirdest beauty trends to know

Beauty takes a bizarre turn!

Beauty trends come in a raging flood every now and then. And, while some stick around, others are short-lived. But, amongst the ones that stay, not all come with awe-strucking, magical tendencies. Some might even trigger the weirdest reactions out of you. Some of the most uncanny beauty trends from around the world that might leave you aghast!


We’ve been using makeup to cover up the hangover face all this while. But, this trend requires you to do it the other way around- where you use make-up to create a natural hangover face. Yes, this is actually a thing amongst Korean and Japanese girls!


There’s another entrant in the contouring techniques and it’s not the usual blending trick that’s everyone’s using. This is ‘Clown Contouring, which originated in the USA by YouTube star BellaDeLune. Her face basically mimics a clown’s, until the extreme blending steps in.


Appreciating one’s partner’s beauty is one thing but wanting to look like one is bizarre to a different level. And, that’s exactly what a trend is in the Middle East! Couples are willing to opt for cosmetic surgeries to look similar to each other!


Rainbow highlighter, rainbow make-up brushes, Rainbow hair and now Rainbow beards. Not a surprise though. Just another colourful trend trying to fit amongst the established ones.


This bagel head trend surfaced in Japan about four years ago. Achieved by injecting saline to create a blob and placing the thumb to create the hole-like indentation, you can probably express your love for bagels through this beauty trend (or maybe not).


You can be Mr. Spock and Link too now. This trend in Phoenix, Arizona will allow you to do so. Your ears can be pointed with the help of a surgery and guess what? It’s an actual beauty trend that exists!



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