You Just HAVE To Watch These!

Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars are due to return next year with new seasons and while we wait for our favorite series to hit us with new episodes to freak out over, it might be to our advantage to give these new Fall shows a chance. Because, let’s face it, life without mindless TV binging is pretty sucky.

Here’s SC’s lowdown on the newest TV shows this season!

The Flash – This is a light-hearted show with just the right amount of Sci-fi for those who love geeking out. The first couple of episodes will leave you wanting to know more. Added benefit – Grant Gustin, who plays the perpetually tardy Barry Allen looks really cute! Clearly, this one’s a winner.


Jane The Virgin – Really, the title says it all. It’s a show about a young woman Jane, who’s a virgin. But there’s a twist – Jane becomes the victim of an immaculate conception, when her gynecologist accidentally artificially inseminates her with a cancer survivor’s last sample. The father in question is not only Jane’s major crush, but also the new owner of the hotel she works in! The first three episodes were sweet, and we are already hooked.


Gotham – This dark crime thriller set in Gotham City pre-dates Batman by a few years and tells the story of young detective James Gordon (yes, the future commissioner and ally of Bat’s) while he investigates the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Red Band Society – A group of kids in a hospital’s children’s ward bond and band together to help each other through their health problems, kind of like The Breakfast Club. The trailer for this series seems quite moving. Interesting fact – the story is told through the eyes of a kid in coma! Give it a try?

Black-ish – This is a comedy drama that centres on an affluent “black” family, with the father extremely concerned about how his kids are losing touch with their African-American roots and turning “white”. His concerns are not too paranoid, because his eldest son (Andre, who prefers to be known as Andy) wants to a Bar Mitzvah for his 13th birthday and take on a Jewish name! It’s an unconventional, out-of-the-box concept with a fresh storyline.

Manhattan Love Story – A New York City dude and a New Girl In The City meet through friends and go on a most awkward (disaster!) date, thus marking the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The narrative is in funny voice-overs alternating between his and her’s, giving us an insight into their thought processes! Sounds fun?

Madam Secretary – An ex-CIA analyst gets offered the position of Secretary of State by the US President, her old boss in the CIA and she shakes things up quite dramatically with her no-nonsense attitude and sarcastic comments.

A to Z – This show is a love story between Andrew and Zelda (“A to Z”, get it?!) and how Andrew is a die-hard romantic who believes in destiny and stuff (much like HIMYM’s Ted) while Zelda is a girl’s girl who’s emotional defences sound the alarm at the merest hint of romantic attachment.

Constantine – An angel named Manny brings demon hunter John Constantine out of supernatural retirement, telling him to man up and quit sulking (ever since he couldn’t save the soul of a girl). Sounds a lot like Supernatural, but after that one went all train-wreck after the 6th Season, we can only hope this new show has something really good and scary up its sleeve.

The McCarthys – A comedy that centres on The McCarthys, a Boston family who like nothing better than sports, food and each other’s company. The only person who is not much into sports is the youngest son who’s also gay. The family goes into hilarious disarray when he decides to move to Rhode Island. Looks cute and laugh out loud funny, much like Modern Family!