You must know: Leandra Medine

In a world where everyone’s trying too hard to fit in, Leandra Medine wears her ‘don’t care if I don’t fit in’ badge on her collar with pride! Aside from being a famous fashion blogger, she has a quirky personality that shows up on her dressing sense and we’re quite smitten by her originality. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of her until now, ahead, we tell you why you absolutely must know her.


What started as a personal style blog full of #OOTD’s quickly transformed into an empire, namely, ‘The Man Repeller’ – a term coined by Leandra that talks of the trends that women love and men hate.


What separates her blog from the many others is the way she mixes high fashion aesthetics with a comedic approach. Leandra’s aim is simple – to stop taking fashion too seriously!


Leandra encourages you to explore your inner avant-garde goddess without having to worry about what men think of your sartorial choices, hence the name ‘Man Repeller’.


Reverse Camel Toe [butt cleavage], when your pants are so tight, your camel toe downgrades and moves from business class to economy if you know what I’m saying” – just one of the many funny terms conjured up by Leandra in the Dick.shun.ary section of her website.



Her style is eccentric and explorative, and she always carries herself with an air of nonchalance and confidence, two key qualities that a lot of people could use when trying to make a statement.  Never taking herself or fashion too seriously, she allows herself to push the boundaries and have fun with her style that’s a sheer joy for us just to play witness to.



She inspires us to be ourselves – whether kooky or quirky, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your personal style.



Because enough good things cannot be said about Leandra Medine, she is perennially chic and impeccable, but particularly so as this week’s ‘You must know’ personality.



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