You Won’t Believe How Many Designers & Brands Were Used To Style PK!

PK is, without a doubt, the most successful film Bollywood has seen in a while. But the quirky charm of the movie doesn’t just end at its story. Aamir Khan’s character dresses in the quirkiest, mis-matched costumes! And do you know how some of those outfits were sourced? The costume designers – Manoshi Nath & Ruchi Sharma – simply requested people to lend clothes from their wardrobes. How unlike anything done before is that?


Yes, you read it correct. The clothes PK is seen wearing in the film are collected from random people.
Costume designers had to walk around streets and request people to give whatever they found interesting in exchange of money or other clothes!


From matching a ghagra with a jacket and putting a yellow helmet on PK’s head to wearing an angarkha in typical Rajasthani prints with turban and aviators, Aamir’s character sports some of the quirkiest looks ever seen in Bollywood.


There is a very interesting yet subtle transformation in the character’s costumes. Initially, PK starts with a little tie-and-dye, Rajasthani prints and little bursts of color. Then he goes subtle with stripes and checks, the collar with a different stripe and the pocket with a different pattern of checks.

Its really great how the duo has managed to make the character look very realistic yet have managed to deviate from the stereotypical alien look. PK’s mis-matched outfits give the audiences a taste of small town India’s charm.


Aamir Khan’s entire styling in the film is run on a barter system. The stylists have traveled to small towns to source clothes for PK’s character. This new way of styling has put PK a class apart from other movies.

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