Young Mumbai Artists To Look Out For In 2015

These are the people who inspire me and who I love and respect for their immense talent. The way they express themselves through art, music and design is pure genius!

By Zoish Contractor

Shruti Sharma – Artist

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She is currently living and working in New York city. She expresses fearlessly through her painting and printmaking. Her acute sensitivity to people and their behavior is captured beautifully in her work. Being an Indian at heart and in spirit this girl aspires to bring the fine art culture in contemporary India to a global stage.

Also I absolutely love her illustrations.

Shruti sharma

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Udit Toshniwal – Artist


He is crazy talented-from painting to product designing to styling,this guy does everything with flair. He adds his own quirky personality to everything he does.

I have been inspired by his work since school! I’m looking forward to see where his work takes him.

udit toshniwal

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Kumail Hamid – Music Producer

So easy to listen to; I adore his music, him and sigur ros!!

His music really speaks for itself. My favorites are the little surprises he throws through the use of natural sounds – birds, waves or just a soft ticking in the background which gives his electronic songs a row and earthy feel. I love DW and Moon Weight- listen listen carefully.


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Behnaz Mogrelia- Tattoo artist

She has recently started her own studio Artaffair after working with krayons.

I have watched her grow into the fun loving artist and incredible woman she is today; from tattooing her grandmother to celebrities, this is only the beginning. I know she’s going to spread beauty and loads of love.

art affair

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Art is the essence of the soul, the truth. Zoish embodies this nature of art and its beauty is her goal. Her exploration of media and expression of art and architecture through paintings, drawings and collages, with a unique variety of materials reflect this search for truth. Currently pursuing a degree in architecture, Zoish draws inspiration from traditional performing arts across the world and is working on her thesis project for the crucial revival of the gurukul system of education for the arts in India.

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