Your Party In A Box | Find Out What Stitch Experiences Is All About

So you’ve attended everyone and their grandmothers’ parties and it’s about that time when you throw one yourself – you know that feeling, right? There are a few things you need to get absolutely right, and we mean 10/10, if you want said party to be a success: 1. Great food 2. Good music 3. An attractive set up (because is it even a success if it’s not on Instagram?) and 4. Good company.

Catering your party and finding a way to make everything look presentable can be stressful beyond belief – luckily there’s a service that takes care of both. Yep, two birds, one hella’ useful stone!

Meet Stitch Experiences. What StyleCracker is to your wardrobe, Stitch is to your party. They curate both, the food and the decor, according to your needs and send it straight to your doorstep. It’s as simple as that. Now we know you have tons of questions about how it works, what they serve, so press play down below – we’ve answered ALL your questions

So you see? It’s convenient, stress-free, works with pretty much any budget and can even make a great present. Stitch works with a bunch of partners to curate these experiences and you can be sure it’s not the run-of-the-mill food and decor you see at most parties. They take the time to find out exactly what you want and get you only the best in food and decor. And don’t worry about the set up, it’s super straight-forward and leaves your space looking like a professional did it!

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