What your zodiac sign says about your weekend plan

You might have some crazy plans for the weekend but probably, your zodiac sign might not allow you to do that because maybe these stars and astrology have a mind of their own. With the weekend coming up, we’re sure there are some things planned for you that may include liver damage, gossip session and a lot more! Here are a few predictions StyleCracker made!

Aries: You have ram-like eyebrows and smug expressions; if that doesn’t change, you’re probably going to be sipping on mojitos alone at the bar!
P.S. – You won’t be as cool as Ted Mosby.
P.P.S. – You won’t have a Barney introducing you to women either!

Taurus: You will watch a lot of movies where everyone is happy and where bad things are far from happening. Although, there are chances that your popcorn might not be up to the mark and you might end up in a little tiff.

Gemini: You will end up talking to yourself rather arguing with yourself in a bath tub. Just don’t lose balance and hurt yourself, please.

Cancer: This weekend, instead of you driving your drunken friend home, it’s going to be the other way round (Yes, the universe conspired that!). Go out and unwind a little or probably even go bonkers! Step into the wild spaces my friend.

Leo: You will not be the centre of attention at a colleague’s birthday dinner and we’d suggest you to make peace with it as soon as possible. While others hang posters of their favourite film stars, models or comedians, Leos hang posters of themselves! Get rid of it, you’re no Emilia Clarke!

Virgo: Your particular and reserved nature just left for a long trip and they have no plans of returning anytime soon. This weekend, you’d find yourself distributing balloons to strangers on the street and holding a long conversation with a police cop. Pat your back already!

Libra: This weekend, get your fellow Libran buddy drunk and get him to explain the difference between café latté and café au lait. Your ideal game-plan post that will be to argue and still manage to be a diplomat.

Scorpio: Meet the real-life Sherlock you guys!  You will be on your way to figure who spiked your drink at the bar! You probably know who it is! We won’t say! Also, please don’t shoot the person.

Sagittarius: Meet the greatest adventurers and travellers of all time. Travellers who love making trips to the kitchen and the bathroom in the middle of the night with the lights out! You are also optimistic (adults will understand you some day) and enthusiastic (your nature trek plan will be a successful idea).

Capricorn: While people are gearing up for a Friday night post work, you are at work and quite possibly enjoying working on excel sheets which FYI says a lot about you! You also love underlining stuff under logical statements and finding loopholes.

Aquarius: Your best friend is planning on having a meaningful conversation with you this weekend but as usual, you’d be nearing Saturn. In your head, it would be a great idea for you to discuss the food and lifestyle on that planet! You’d have all that exposure after all!

 Pisces: FUSS ALERT: You’re looking for some honest and positive feedback this weekend but you’ll end up getting criticised instead. Also, your emotional side might take over you as someone might give you a reality check. Grab a few tissue boxes if you’ve used them all.


Image courtesy: universaetoday.com
Gifs: tumblr, giphy, io9.gizmodo.com, makeagif.com