'Stretchery' underlines the state of being active in both mind and body. Designed In house -to blend fitness into one’s lifestyle it’s the first, indigenous active wear brand harmonizing comfort, impeccable style and pure conscience. Comfort to help you breathe easy, Style so you can flaunt it, and in line with your Conscience as it is eco-friendly, fair produce using 100% Organic Cotton. Crafted using 100% Organic Cotton we aim to establish a brand that is socially responsible and forthright. We want to become the reason for your STRETCH. We aim to build a sustainable yet fun brand for active wear clothing and accessories in the coming years Why organic? The use of organic cotton underscores the brands natural and simple ethos. The cotton is ecologically grown, without harmful chemicals or genetic modifications, thus causing no harm to the environment. All the garments are designed in house and manufactured in India. All our products are GOTS approved. Organic cotton does not only give a softer touch to the clothes but it is great for those with sensitive skin and allergies as it is grown in soil that is certified free chemicals fertilizers and pesticides . This apparel is made to be sweat-wicking so you can wear it without worrying about the smell of the body after an extreme activity.