We asked a few of our customers about their first experience with the StyleCracker Box

Who would've thought any girl can get their own celebrity stylist! StyleCracker makes it possible and they've really upgraded my look! Thanks StyleCracker!

- Simran Jagwani

I don't like to shop but obviously I want to look good. StyleCracker is great for that. Great looks delivered to me without any hassles or stress of decision making. Love It!

- Maulika Sharma

With my busy schedule, I never find any time to go out shopping. That’s why the StyleCracker Box is perfect for me. I fill in details about what I need and in a few days there’s an entire box of style at my doorstep!

- Kanchan Wadi

It’s scary ordering a box of style online when you have no idea what’s going to be inside! I took that leap of faith and placed an order with StyleCracker.com. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised and more than happy! Definitely doing it again.

- Meghna Sahijwani